Takayama, Gifu. The light shining in the two rectangles looks like a projection, but it is just regular sunlight shining on the paper in an interesting way.


Echizen Washi. Making a sheet of paper.


Echizen, Fukui. Festival celebrating the paper goddess.


Mino, Gifu. Akari Art Festival of paper lanterns.

mino-washi-akari-art-exhibition_15316182020_o mino-washi-akari-art-exhibition_15479752066_o


Kyoto. Paper windows at Sanjusangendo.


Kyoto. Showroom of washi artist Eriko Horiki. The same paper looks either textured on untextured, depending on how it is lit. This sheet of paper is much taller than a person.



Formation aid and paper making machine at Hidaka Washi, manufacturer of the thinnest paper in the world.




Dried kozo and mitsumata, and a living mitsumata plant.

kochi-paper-tour_15430405910_o kochi-paper-tour_15616004285_o


Preparing plant fibers and making paper at Kamikoyawashi






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