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February 22: performing in Liam Mooney’s new piece about Flatland for Compose LA at the wulf. at coaxial, 8pm.

February 22: Rage Thormbones perform Morpheus Laughs, Orpheus Wakes in Chicago at Constellation as part of Frequency Festival, 8:30pm.

March 2: Marco Fusi presents new works for viola d’amore by Nick Deyoe, Sara Cubarsi, Andrew McIntosh, Wolfgang von Schweinitz and myself. CalArts, Wild Beast 8pm.

March 11: Presentation at CSU Monterey, hosted by Jeffrey Trevino Monterey. 7:30pm


Indexical has become a non-profit and named me President of the Board! I really love this organization and am so happy to be working with them. They put on concerts and make recordings of new music and sound works, print beautiful media, organize workshops and discussions and generally help make space for the experimental arts in Santa Cruz.

Looking forward to being composer-in-residence along with Steven Snowden for Line Upon Line Percussion’s first composer residency program, to be held in Austin TX in January 2019. Free tuition for graduate and undergraduate composers, more details here.

CD out on Nueni Recs: Harmonica Fables is a collection of pieces for harmonica, some performed as single takes, others created as multi-tracked collages, inspired by ritual, chant, and fable. Some reviews here.

Piriforms for 4 voices now up on Score Follower

CD by Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Motherland, now available! Works by Gilda Lyons, Jennifer Jolley, Cara Haxo and myself.

Article by Ben Levinson in Soap Ear #2

Imaginary Music Radio Hour shows are archived here


Current interests: background music, repetition, nonsense, soft chords and scratchy chords, tubes, bards, paper, chant, melodic borrowing, birds, orality vs. literacy, bells.

Instruments: viola da gamba, contrabass, piano, guitar, harmonica, voice, invented instruments, some trumpet and fipple flute.

short bio: Laura Steenberge is a performer and composer in Los Angeles who researches language, mythology, and ritual. She is interested in nonsense and the boundaries of knowledge, and is influenced by folk music, psycholinguistics, acoustics and medieval Byzantine chant. A multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and public speaker, Steenberge uses voice, viola da gamba, contrabass, piano, objects, images and movement to create traditional concert works and site-specific performances. She holds BAs in music and linguistics from the University of Southern California, an MFA in composer/performer and integrated media from CalArts, and a DMA in music composition from Stanford University. She has received significant help and guidance along the way from Sara Roberts, Bissera Pentcheva, Michael Pisaro, Marc Sabat, Paul deMarinis, Mark Applebaum, Jaroslaw Kapuscinski, Erik Ulman, Larry Polansky, Tom Leeser, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Vicky Ray and Neal Desby. She teaches experimental sound practices at CalArts.

works list


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